Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace

God’s peace is quite an interesting thing to experience. In tragic or stressful situations, how can we remain calm?  Having hope in who HE IS and what HE CAN DO builds that trust in our Father.  Jesus said, “Peace I give you…”  He has extended this gift that the world cannot understand.  They marvel at it from a human mindset but it goes deeper than that because we are spiritually connecting with our Father.  Through this life changing event, we have been able to experience God’s peace at such a deep level and are so thankful that we have our Father to turn to in our time of need.

We are again praising God for more good news.  Luke will be having his surgery to repair his head this coming FRIDAY, JUNE 21ST.  We went to the doctor this week to see the progress and when the surgery could happen.  We were surprised when he said, “It looks good, when do you want to do the surgery?”  Since Luke did not have insurance, we had to do research on how to get him covered.  Government help through disability takes TOO LONG.  Not only did God bring us insurance but the same doctors that do that type of surgery in our area take Luke’s insurance.  Within two weeks we had insurance, appointment with doctor, and scheduled surgery.  WOW!
Luke is going twice a week to a speech person to help with his memory.  We were happy with his test results.  With the brain injury test, you can be mild, moderate or severe in your memory loss.  Luke tested MILD.  He will continue his sessions throughout the summer working on areas of his memory that are weak.  He is remembering more and more.  His six months in LA are still a gray area with not much memory. He doesn’t remember the accident at all.  BUT, he does know who saved and healed him–GOD.  We are excited to see how God is going to use this event to bring others to Him.  Pray for the surgery and that it will be a quick recovery.  Pray that his memory will be restored, patience on Luke’s part in the healing process.  And lastly, pray for Luke that God will show him exactly where and what He wants for Luke’s life.  
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Patience is a hard quality to have.  We are always trying to “get it done” as quickly as possible.  But, God doesn’t work that way.  Sometimes He works slowly and we have to trust Him for the outcome.  Luke has continuely been improving in his recovery.  Through the Brain Injury Association we were able to get him into speech theraphy.  We were tested this week and she will make up a treatment plan for Luke where he has weakness in his memory.  He goes to the gym daily to work out with supervision.  He is positive in his recovery and continues to work on a full recovery.  Next week we visit a doctor who will look at him for surgery.  He will need a plate put in the place where his skull is missing.  Pray for the right doctor to do the procedure AND the right timing.  Luke’s body needs to be ready for another surgery.  He goes to a muscular message therapist who is helping his neck, back, standing, walking, etc.  He has helped Luke alot and all of this will help Luke get to the place where he can go through the surgery.  We are hoping that we could do it as early as July.  
Luke keeps busy daily with activities.  Before the accident he was interested in photography so we are pulling out the camera so he can work on remembering that art.  A local photography is willing to work with him.  Luke’s attitude is great and he is very positive.  He knows God healed him and trusting God for the outcome. Pray he would stay encouraged and be patient in the healing and the future that God has in store for him.
We thank each of you who continue to lift him up daily.  God has been so good in restoring him physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We believe God is doing a deep work with BIG plans for Luke.  We will keep you posted on when the surgery is so keep praying.
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If you remember the story of the lame man that was healed, the scripture says that when he was healed, “He went walking and talking and praising God.”  We are seeing the same thing take place in modern day with Luke.  Last week he had his first outing to National Day of Prayer.  His six weeks of his accident to recovery was shown with pictures and then he walked forward and prayed a prayer of thanksgiving to God.  He thanked those who prayed for him and ended by saying, “God healed me!”  For many attending who had been with us through this journey through this blog, rejoiced with tears and words at what the Lord has done.  I have heard so many say how much Luke’s miracle story has encouraged them in their faith.  We have been praying and believing that God will use this accident for His glory.  We have attached the video that has been used several times when Luke has shared so you can visual see our journey with pictures.  Yes, YOUR PRAYERS are effective and God is still alive and active and definately in the miracle business.
Since we have been home, Luke has become more relaxed in his familiar surroundings and with family.  He continues to regain his memory.  We work with him daily until we can get him into rehab.  We go next week to the doctor to get the scripts for rehab. Pray we get a good evaluation and get the help Luke needs for his recovery.  Pray that we get a good doctor to evaluate his head and his future surgery in several months.  
We have been blessed with help from a local world known massage therapist who is working on Luke’s back and neck to get full use and help with any muscle damage.  He has shown so much progress just in two appointments.  We have also been offered music theraphy which will help Luke and encourage him in music.  We so appreciate those who have reached out to help us in this rehab process.  
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Welcome Home

Sunday was a day of rejoicing as we welcomed Luke home. We met them at 7 a.m. in the morning with big hugs and smiles. Daniel and Luke took a red eye diret flight so they could sleep. Mission accomplished with no problems!!  Luke has been resting more comfortably now and we are believing he will continue to recover.  Pray as we look for places/people to help him in his rehab.


As I reflected on his homecoming, I was reminded of the story in the Bible of the son who came home.  Oh the excitement I know that father felt as he saw his son coming home.  And I know that his son, although he felt unworthy, was probably excited to finally come home.  Can you imagine how our Heavenly Father feels when we come home to Him?  Even when we don’t feel we deserve His love, He lets us know that He loves us and forgives us.  He desires a relationship with us so bad and wants to be part of our lives.  I know as we have reflected about what we have gone through in the last six weeks, we know we wouldn’t have been able to handle it if not for God’s love, mercy, grace, and faithfulness.  God is still alive and active and wants to be part of our lives.


As we enter into another phase of recovery, we ask that you continue to pray in agreement with us that Luke will be restored completely.  We still have a road to travel in his recovery and further surgery to fix his skull.  Pray for necessary finances Luke will need for medical expenses since he didn’t have insurance.  Pray that we have wisdom as we deal with all his personal business that God will give us insight and help as needed.  We are excited how God has worked, but look forward to how He will use this event for His glory.  

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We have reached several other milestones in the recovery of Luke.  Yesterday the stomach tube came out and today the trache finally, yes, finally came out.  WE ARE TUBELESS!!!!  After 5 1/2 weeks of tubes, Luke is FREE!!  We are rejoicing in his recovery.


And…Daniel and Luke are coming home Sunday morning. The doctors have released Luke early so they can leave on Saturday.  We found a direct flight on Delta where they will flying during the night so they can sleep.  They will have first class seats to have some room and will have a wheelchair and  easy access to getting on the plane.  Please pray for them as they make this long trip.  This will be the first time Luke has been out of the hospital and rehab so we hope he reacts well to the change and long trip.  The doctors have said that his recovery will speed up when he gets home to familiar things, family and friends.  We will have to evaluate where he is at and where we will continue getting help.  We are continuing to pray for full recovery.


In around six months, Luke will have to have surgery to put a plate in his head where the skull has been removed. They say this will again boost his recovery.   Pray specifically for when that might take place and other details.  We are praying that even God could take care of it and surgery wouldn’t be necessary.  He is a great God and is still alive and working today!  He has answered so many of our prayers and those of thousands who have walked with us.  He isn’t finished yet!  We pray He will continue to be glorified through what  has happened and that God will use Luke’s testimony to help others.  Pray that he will continue to regain his memory.  Eah day we see more and more of his memory coming together and everything making sense.


“God is my refuge and strength.  A present help in time of trouble.”    Thank you Lord for being there with us each step of the way. You presence sustained us.  Thank you for giving us strength when we were so weary.  Thank you for bringing pastors, families, churches and individuals to help us in our time of trouble to pray, encourage, give gifts, or help in other ways.  We thank you Lord.  AMEN

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I have always liked the story of Nehmiah in the Bible.  He went back to rebuild the city walls of Jerusalem.  It was a difficult job and he had opposition.  He needed help in many areas to accomplish this task.  One job was for individuals to stand in the gaps of the wall to protect the city while the building was being done.  Thus, we have the term today when people ask for prayer they might say, “Will you stand in the gap for me?”  Another way of saying this would be, “Will you stand with me in faith during this difficult time?”  We have appreciated the thousands that have stood in the gap for Luke and our family the past five weeks.  God has used many of you to help us storm heaven’s gates for Luke’s healing.  GOD HAS HEARD OUR PRAYERS and is faithfully each day answering them one by one.  It is truly amazing to be witnessing a miracle taking place right before our eyes!


There is much to report since I left LA late Thursday to head home.  Friday Luke started on solid food and is eating everything in sight.  The doctor said that the first of the week the stomach tube comes out and closely followed by the removal of the trache!!  Friday, Luke participated in the Walk for Brain Injury that happens on the rehab campus.  It is a one mile walk and all the patients are encouraged to participate by walking or scrolling in their wheelchairs.  Luke walked with two friends from his workplace.  He walked about 2/3 of the way.  He continues to get stronger each day.  He is also getting his memory back more and more.  Bethany and I skyped with him today and were truly blessed as Luke is starting to testify of his healing.  He is thankful too for the many who prayed for him.  We continue to pray for full recovery in all areas.  Please continue to stand in the gap as we continue to see this miracle unfold.  Check out date from rehab is April 30th.  We are praying for the best way to get Luke home.  We are trusting God for His provisions.  At this time we are thinking we will try to get a direct flight and put Daniel and Luke in business class to have more room for Luke to rest.  Let us know if you have any resources.  We have checked out several specia flight companies but we don’t fit the requirements.



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This is my last night in the rehab center as I plan to go home and be with our other children and prepare for Luke’s homecoming.  As I look down on Luke’s sleeping face, I am filled with so much thanksgiving for what God has accomplished in five weeks.  We serve a miracle working God who cares for us so deeply.  I struggle in leaving him again but I’m glad a have a wonderful husband who is here until the end.  Being together through this journey has helped to strengthen us and encourage each other. 

 We have the date to check out of here as April 30th.  We realize that in the next two weeks much can take place.  We want Luke to be as healthy in all areas as possible before travelling.  We are hoping that next week he will be on a regular food diet.  He is working hard in his skills and memory.  It takes time and patience by all.  We are still praying BIG prayers that God will restore Luke completely.  We are taking one day at a time and know that God is not finished yet! 

Pray for us as we enter this last weeks of rehab here and prepare for the next step.  We need wisdom as we seek help in continuing his rehab in Florida.  Pray we get favor with a good rehab center that can help him in his needs.  Pray for our family as we adjust to the needs of Luke and learn how to minister to him with love and patience.  Pray that Luke will stay encouraged and protect his mind and heart from getting depressed with his injury.  Pray as we check on flights for coming home.  We want to get a direct flight to make it as easy as possible. 


We appreciate all the new friends we have made while here…people who  visited and prayed with us, those who brought food, others who took us into their home and extended hospitality to us.  We had others who visited Luke–friends from church and work and many thanks to his boss who initially called us that Luke was missing, put us up in a hotel for a week and gave us some wonderful meals at his restaurant. Thanks to those who helped us move Luke and the church who stored his personal things.  And we couldn’t forget all the many doctors and nurses who have helped Luke recover from this accident.  We have been truly blessed and taken care of by so many precious people.  We are forever grateful.  We pray that just as this miracle of healing has unfolded for us, that it has been a blessing and encouragement to others who have experienced it and seen God work.  But…GOD IS NOT FINISHED YET!


I will continue to blog as Daniel gives me updates.  Please pray for him that he will not get weary and stay encouraged.  This has been a long almost two months with him by Luke’s side.  We appreciate the text, calls, emails, and cards that have encouraged all of us.  Pray for me as I fly home tomorrow for safety and wisdom to care for our other children as we prepare for Luke to come home.  Please continue to pray specifically for these needs.  We are not out of the woods yet and still many prayers for continued healing and restoration.

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